meet the decorator


It was love at first sight….


Seasoned Cake Baker and Sugar Artist, Olawale Taiwo fell in love with cakes after helping in mixing a batter at his mums’ friend house. Few days later, he baked mini-cup cakes and never looked back after the experience. He was enchanted by the chemistry and science of the ingredients, coming together to form a new entity,that is sweet and a culinary masterpiece.


In the pursuit of excellence and perfection in the art of cake making and decorating, Olawale sort the book tutelage of cake maestros such as Rose Levy Beranbaum – Diva of Desserts and author of the award winning book – The Cake Bible, Nick Malgieri – author of Perfect Cakes, Carole Walters – author of Great Cakes, Maida Heatter – author of Maida Heatter Cakes.


Apart from the interior of cakes, he is also into the exterior design of cakes and draws his inspirations from the Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes – Ron Ben Israel of Ron-Ben Israel Cakes, Nicholas Lodge, Toba Garrett and renowned gumpaste flower designers – Alan Dunn and Betty Van Norstrand of the Culinary Institute of America.


Olawale is a self-taught cake baker and decorator.  A one time hobbyist,  now turning his passion into a full time business venture.


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