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Teaching Philosophy

“When I teach, I like to explain basic food chemistry and fundamentals of technique to remove mystery and magic and replace it with fun, understanding, and a sense of ease.
“The greatest gift I can give a student is the confidence to cook creatively — to make a pie, bread, or a birthday cake, for example, to bake for their family and friends. Sharing food you make with your own hands is a basic act of love, and one that actually empowers the baker, bringing a quick reward (yummy snacks), personal satisfaction (pride in knowing you did it), and praise, (applause, take a bow). Of course, it is not that simple, but little things do make a big difference. Learning to bake is a simple pleasure, but one that I believe adds to life’s enjoyment.”


Specialized Training in Cake Making and Decorating


This hands-on total immersion training is aimed at students (Beginner, Amateurs and Intermediate) with a keen interest in the Art of Cake Making and Decorating. It is a program set up to develop their skills, enabling them to create show stopper cakes that are sure to be the centre piece of attention.

The art and science of baking cakes from scratch is very essential and it is the main focus of this hands-on training.


Mission Statement:

This training program is dedicated to inspiring students to reach their full potential through an education that emphasizes technique and professionalism. We will accomplish this in a passionate, disciplined environment that foster’s excellence, critical thinking and creativity in the student.


Teaching Methodology:

Under the watchful eyes of the instructor, each student will learn the techniques to make and decorate a wide range of cakes in a small class setting. The program builds on fundamental techniques taught from day one, reinforcing the basics as the student advance.

The Total Immersion training method creates a dynamic learning environment, in which each student can develop the comprehensive craft they need for a successful career in the art of cake making and decorating under 8-Saturdays.


Working with precision, understanding baking science, flavour principles as well as exercising their culinary imaginations, are just some of the important abilities the instructor will help develop in each student in other to be able to proficiently achieve the perfect rise and crumb in a genoise for a light and moist cake, and so much more.


The program combines both hands-on instruction and theory into one comprehensive program. Each class begins with a short lesson that covers important terminology, related food history, the hows and whys of various cooking techniques and the key procedure students will employ to complete the day’s items. Before the student make anything for the first time, the instructor will demonstrate the proper execution method and he’s always on hand to encourage and help each student as they practice on their own.


The curriculum covers a tremendous amount of material in a short period of time, and the instructor will push the student to work efficiently, precisely, and quickly from day one. At the conclusion of the program, each student will be prepared to meet the demands of working in a professional kitchen, with the proper techniques, efficiency, organization, work habits, and attitude necessary to succeed in the real world.



The day each student receive their certificate of completion marks the accomplishment of having obtained the expertise they need to put themselves on the way to a successful career, whether their ultimate goal is to open their own business, or shine at a pastry hot spot.


Specialized Training in Cake Making & Decorating for Beginners & Intermediate Students

Course Outline

Study the classic cake baking and decorating techniques and also stay up to date with the latest trends in this 6-hour hands-on course. Under the guidance of Olawale Taiwo, Owner of Cakes By Whales, you’ll gain the skills to create delicious showstopper cakes that are sure to be the centrepiece of attention.

What You’ll Learn


Course 1: Essentials of Cake Baking, Filling and Finishing –  (24 HOURS)

Course Objectives:

From the humble pound cake to the classic genoise, students go beyond the recipes to explore the theory and technique of cake making and their abilities to create original cakes. You will learn:

• Butter-based and egg-foam cakes, including a variety of layered and rolled versions

• The theory of batter balance as they prepare cakes using various mixing techniques: One-stage, high-ratio and creaming method. Cakes prepared include carrot, pound, white, yellow, crumb, chocolate along with cupcakes. Low-fat and egg-foam cakes such as angel food, sponge and genoise are also included.

• Icings and fillings such as curds and ganaches as well as both confectioners’ -based buttercreams.


Student Learning Outcomes:


• The student will build all types of professional celebration cakes including wedding, birthday, anniversary, and other special event cakes.

• The student will produce different types of dough and cake such as classic genoise, or sponge.

• The student will demonstrate and explain the science of baking (i.e. chemistry of ingredients in baking and their reaction to different temperatures, humidity, etc.) through their hands-on practice of reproducing recipes.

• The student will demonstrate and explain the process of measuring, fermentation, baking, and how to adjust variables when needed to achieve a perfect baked product.

• The student will create various batters and fillings such as butter cream, ganache and different glazes.

• The student will employ different methodologies of combining flavor, texture and taste in constructing various types of cakes using efficient production methods.

• The student will create their own flavor and texture combinations, as well as recipes.

Course 2: Cake Decorating – (20 HOURS)

Course Objectives:

Cake decorating represents the ultimate fusion of art and craft. The students’ effort and practice in prior classes is rewarded as they take their skills to a new level by preparing tiered cakes. Students learn:

• Buttercream flowers and borders, royal icing, fondant (draping, crimping and ruffling) and gum paste flowers.

• Floral arrangement and tiered cake assembly including splitting, filling and crumb coating, and the usage of fondant for covering cakes. This course culminates in the creation of an original wedding cake.

Student Learning Outcomes:

• The student will cover cakes using rolled fondant.

• The student will complete different decorating techniques such as crimping, embossing, quilting, embroidery, appliqué work, as well as various molds in creating quick cake decorations, pearls, ribbon insertion, borders, drapes and bows, ribbons, ropes and tassels.

• The student will demonstrate piping techniques using both buttercream and royal icing from basic to advanced piping skills.

Course 3: Cake Business Planning – (4 HOURS)

This course provides in depth lecture focusing on critical information needed to operate a successful wedding cake business such as pricing, customer consultation, cake portions, design, packaging, and delivery logistics.

Course Objectives:

The student will learn about components such as pricing, customer consultation, cake portions, design, packaging, and delivery logistics.

Student Learning Outcomes:

• The student will list and explain aspects of operating a cake business such as pricing, customer consultation, cake portions.

• The student will list and explain how to price cakes per-portion for optimal revenue.

• The student will list and explain different ways to design a cake according to the customer’s needs and how to appeal to their taste based on a consultation; as well as how to price fairly.

• The student will explain delivery logistics, whether delivering from a large establishment like a hotel or large restaurant or a small cake boutique, and steps one must take to successfully deliver a cake, what type of transportation to use, how to package for delivery, and successfully install the cake in the specific location.


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