Who we are

"to inspire awe and wonder; to create dreams"

Cakes By Whales specializes in creating delicious, edible works of art, specifically contoured to your specifications. Each one-of-a-kind design is an amazing composition of original construction, luscious cake and rich buttercream. Our clients are passionate about our cakes, not just for their imaginative designs, but for their delectable taste and eye-catching appeal.


Each cake is created completely from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. We offer a variety of satisfying flavors. Anything and everything is possible with God and sugar. Every design is a result of our talent and your imagination, coming together in the perfect blend of artistry and innovation. We work with each client to create a unique work of sugar art that will add an exciting dimension into any celebration, big or small, grandeur or simplistic.


All cakes shown here are-to all intents and purposes-completely edible. All decorations and designs are from sugar and/or chocolate, and flowers are either fresh or created from sugar. Ribbons used are either sugar or fabric.


If you have a picture of a cake you like, please let us know. We prefer not copy cakes by other cake artists in order to give you the individual creation you deserve, but it will help us get an idea of what you like and aid us in the design of a cake that is completely unique and totally yours. We can also work from sketches, photographs, patterns, ornaments, fabric and a limitless number of miscellaneous objects: anything from a pillow to your wedding dress can manifest itself beautifully in sugar.

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